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About Us.


Malogs Pty Ltd T/A MALOGS SA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS [MSABS] has been undertaking business in the different avenues listed since 2018 and has been supplying various supplies to government departments through RFQ’s and price quotation in S.A’snoutlying areas.

We offer engineering services and supplies, project management
consultancy, food and distribution, logistics and transport with EPX
and Kargo National transport fleet, our staff have extensive experience and
a management team that believes in personal service.

Our Values


Committed to people’s safety, to caring for the environment and community development.


To prepare for the future, we solve problems and bring our customers new solutions that provide value.


Relationships are the link between people. Building constructive relationships between us and with our customers are the basis of our success

Team Spirit

Growing our business and our clients business together.


Colleagues, customers, suppliers, environment, rules and working principles.

Continuous Learning

Learning, share information &
knowledge, giving everyone an opportunity to grow. What we have learned years ago will become obsolete, evolving with the market is vital.


Our capability to anticipate client’s needs.


Transparency and professionalism in management.

Our Mission

To offer value driven solutions to our clients is a special personal mission for us. Service excellence, content staff and customers are our topmost importance!

Our Vision

  • To be the leading engineering company, renowned for our working methodologies, technological heritage, and human resource capabilities.
  • We are dedicated to become the most popular name when it comes to Project Management no matter what the project is.
  • To be leaders of comprehensive logistics operations services in the local and national market, by quality and customer service, with state-of-the-art technologies.
  • To become world class Program and Project
    Management consultant to provide Consultancy,
    Training and Support service to our clients and
    become an asset to our communities.
  • We want to be a food distributor solution leading company, international, perceived as local in each market, in continuous growth, solid, excellent in management and innovative.

Company Timelines

On the 13Th April 2018 Phumudzo Emmanuel Mudau established Malogs Pty Ltd, Specializing in Carpentry and Construction and trading as Malogs SA Carpentry and Construction in Cape Town Muizenberg.

In the same year he started to also trade as Malogs SA Business Solutions focusing on engineering, projects and supply chain domain.

The Future Starts Here.